Safety can be a Way of Life that can not only protect you, but Generate More Real Estate Transactions!


Welcome to Just the fact that you're here shows us that you are not an ordinary real estate agent... you're one that cares not only about your own safety but also that of your customers and their families.

While we have been teaching agent safety for years, we're just now launching this website and bringing our training to agents all across North America. Check back often and make sure you "Like" us on FACEBOOK.


When you're a SaferAgent you'll have access to tons of resources to protect you while growing your business.  Get a FREE Basic Agent Membership NOW!​


SaferAgent is on a mission to serve as many real estate professionals as we can, and we can't do it alone! If you'd like to chat with us, CLICK HERE!​


We strive to bring you the latest techniques for personal protection.  Whether it's a live training or an online webinar, you can find the info HERE!​

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Andrea "Andy" Tolbert

Founder, SaferAgent

About the Author

My career in the real estate field started in 1995 but my journey to an awareness of my own safety and of those around us has probably been a part of my life since I was a small child and our family business was the target of an armed robbery.

My training style is pretty laid back and my goal is for you to "get it" and protect yourself without a major change in your lifestyle.​

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